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The Amazing Race...still a dream!

What is that thing that you have always wanted to do? For us, it is competing on The Amazing Race! For almost eighteen years it was against the rules for us to apply because we lived overseas...until now.

We were about twenty-five when we first saw this TV show and we fell in love with it. The idea of racing around the world, competing, doing thrilling tasks and having a great adventure in so many different countries...and we were ready to win! Kids came along and were raised watching The Amazing Race. Two decades later, and our enjoyment of the show and dream to run has never died.

So why not?

Living out every dream starts with just one step. Now, finally able to apply, we decided it was time to take the step. In a way it felt silly to put ourselves out there (especially sitting in our backyard filming in bike helmets), but maybe everybody feels a little bit of that when they take that first step for a dream.

If you are waiting for the big finale finish that we got the call and will be on the show soon, sorry to let you down. Maybe Phil will still come calling someday and say that they are looking for your average forty something couple to represent! Maybe not, but at least we tried and had an awesome afternoon making it.

Enjoy our video of taking a step towards a dream!

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