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Possibilities are Endless

They are all around us...on the next street over, in the next webinar, or found inside the next hour of our day. Possibilities...they are everywhere, and the benefits of being curious are massive.

“Research shows that curiosity can promote cognitive processes, squash stereotypes, and prevent stagnancy and burnout.” HuffPost

While some people are naturally curious, others of us may have to work harder to develop this skill. Try these strategies to grow your curiosity:

  1. Start your sentences with the two simple words “I wonder” to open possibilities.

  • I wonder who could help me see a new way to solve this problem?

  • I wonder how I can interest new clients in my product?

  • I wonder what a tourist would do in Oregon City this weekend?

2. Take a step off your normal path.

Stop at the next lookout - get up from your desk and go outside - try that new restaurant - read that post. What will you do to add mini adventures into your everyday life?

3. Choose a new route to your destination.

Take a dance class for your weekly exercise or have a friendly conversation with someone much different than you. Whatever it is, go about reaching that goal in a different way. What could that new route look like? I wonder…

Action Step From Your Coaches

Think about areas in life where you feel stuck. Set a time for five minutes and brainstorm as many sentences as you can starting with “I wonder” related to those stuck areas and see if any new possibilities open up for you.

Having trouble seeing possibilities on your own? We would love to help. Book a complimentary exploratory session and we'll help you discover new possibilities.

To Living Adventurously,

Brian and Maryann Remsburg

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