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Maryann & Brian Remsburg

Have you ever asked yourself "Is there more to life"?

Do you have everything you thought you always wanted, but something seems to still be missing? 

Maybe you've lost your joy for life, your passion for work, or no longer know what your purpose is.

Let's work together to meet your goals!

  • If you are tired of living your life with doubt, obligation, or being stuck in the mundane, we are ready to help you discover what an adventurous life looks like to you.
  • This package is designed to fully support you as you dive into the ideas, goals, and challenges that you want to tackle to achieve and find your personal version of success.
  • Career Direct highlights your strengths while guiding the career decision-making process, whether looking towards college, considering a career change, or exploring options in retirement.
  • Only found through Adventurous Life, this package includes your Core Values Index™ (CVI™) Assessment (about fifteen minutes to complete), your individualized full-report, and a video series created by Brian and Maryann, trained CVI consultants.

Get a glimpse of a live coaching session with Brian and Maryann.

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