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Core Values Index Assessment

CVI Introduction

Are you tired of doubts or obligations holding you back from your vision for life? 

Being conscious of what motivates youyour greatest fear and what causes conflict will help you to make better and more informed decisions towards your vision. 

The information from the Core Values Index will increase your awareness and help you develop the mindset needed to achieve goals you never thought were possible! ​

Watch the intro video below to learn more. 

Get the invaluable information that the Core Values Index has to offer today. 


Limited Report

  • Who am I: Full report of Dominant and Secondary Core Values


FULL CVI ($47)

Comprehensive Report

Same as FREE CVI Plus

  • Numeric scores for each Core Value quadrant

  • 6 Types of Contribution, with strategies for implementing each

  • Your Vulnerabilities

  • Your Learning Styles

  • Your Conflict Strategies

  • Insight on how the Core Values work in combination with each other


Unpacked Report

​Same as FULL CVI Plus:

  • A video series put together by Brian and Maryann, certified life coaches and trained facilitators of the CVI

  • One video on each of the Core Values that fully unpacks the comprehensive report

  • A closing video that explains the contribution types, gives examples, and provides you with strategies to develop a more adventurous mindset

Not sure about the video series yet? Watch a sneak peak of the Merchant video below to see what valuable information you’ll have access to as you become more aware to Know Your Zone, the first coordinate to living an adventurous life!

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