“An adventure for one might just be a routine for another. However, real adventure for all is learning about oneself by venturing outside their safe zone, where comfort is the dictator."

-Adventurous Life

Be inspired by the retelling of Esther's story.


Esther had a purpose.  

She lived it out adventurously. 

Find out how in a contemporary setting. 

Read below to see who's already been inspired!

It’s a riveting story that showcases what can be expected from this author in the future.

-Gail Welborn, Christian News Northwest

Be inspired by our new book - coming soon!

Release Date

September 2020!



(Title TBD)

Applying the principles

from our book will help you to: 

  • live out your purpose with increased intention

  • seek more adventurous opportunities

  • reflect, learn, and grow

Inspire your group!


Invite us to speak about living adventurously! 

Gain the courage needed to live the life for which you are designed.

- motivational stories and principles shared with authenticity -

"Maryann's presentation was not only professionally done, but most importantly was done in a warm, engaging manner."

-Doris Howard,

Member, PNACL

Brian inspires a sense of wonder and excitement at the possibilities that are within us.  He speaks with confidence and assurance that the best of life lies right outside your comfort zone, because that’s how he lives.."

-DeeDee Fitch,

Fellow Toastmaster and Arbonne Consultant

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