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Remsburg's debut novel, Chosen for Such a Time, uses Esther's biblical plot in a modern-day setting to create an entertaining and inspiring story of living a life of faith and adventure. It is not always easy to be willing to go and do as God asks, but Ether's life is an example to overcome our fear and do just that. Maryann's experiences living overseas give her a unique perspective and many stories to share with the desire to encourage you to step out courageously in living the adventure God calls you to.

What have people said about Chosen for Such a Time?

It’s a riveting story that showcases what can be expected from this author in the future.

-Gail Welborn, Christian News Northwest

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Maryann passionately speaks about 

  • Stepping out in faith for what God calls you to do

What do people say about her as a speaker?

"Maryann's presentation was not only professionally done, but most importantly was done in a warm, engaging manner."

-Doris Howard, Member, Pacific Northwest Association of Church Libraries

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