Professional Coaching 

Have you ever asked yourself "Is there more to life"?

Do you have everything you thought you always wanted, but something seems to still be missing? 

Maybe you've lost your joy for life, your passion for work, or no longer know what your purpose is.

Partnering with a coach can help you find what might be missing as you

  • explore YOU; your strengths, habits, values, and beliefs

  • discover the knowledge and abilities you already have needed  to thrive 

  • rediscover your joy, passion, and purpose

  • set goals toward your next steps

  • form new habits

  • live with more purpose and adventure each day

Hire a coach and be empowered! 

Start exploring YOU...take the

Core Values Index

for free. 


The Coaching Process


1) Select Your Coach

Brian and Maryann are both certified professional coaches through the ICF.  Read their bio to choose who is the best fit for you. Contact them for questions.

2) Book Exploration Meeting

Ensure that your coach is a good fit before making a time and financial commitment.  This complimentary meeting is 60 minutes and can be in-person or on the phone.  

3) Choose Length for Success

Coaching can be booked in 4, 8, or 12 sessions. After the exploration meeting, you'll be able to determine how many sessions are needed to achieve success.

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