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The adventurous life is a leading life coach service company in Oregon City. We are a couple of passionate life coaches in Oregon City who realize the importance of adventure in life. We believe in living to the fullest and enjoying every moment is a desire that most adults have but are too afraid to take the first step as they are afraid of a setback, or the risks of passionate living scare them. Hence we at Adventurous life provide our clients with the best Oregon City personal coaches, to talk to them and bring out the spark in their lives. Our aim is simple, to find people that want to live thrillingly and make it easy for them to fulfill their desire, and we do this by direct talking/coaching sessions by our Best Oregon life coaches, by planning out customized ventures for our adventure-loving customers and using our resourceful and insightful books on life journeys. We have the honor of being the best Life and career coach in Oregon City and here is a list of reasons why.

Reasons why our life coaching is the Best:

Life coaching is not just a job for us, it is our passion:

Unlike, many other life coaching services that do this as a part-time job and side occupation, we take our life coaching very seriously and professionally. We are a couple that is very enthusiastic about bringing out the joy in other's life by exposing them to the adventurous side of life because we have personally experienced the joy of it. We too, at once used to live a boring ordinary life and missed many adventurous opportunities with the fear of risks associated, hence we don’t want anyone to miss out on life the same way we did. This is why life coaching is more than just work for us, it is our passion, it is our calling.


Certified coaches in this field are uncommon but we at adventurous life are a team of certified professionals in life coaching, recognized by the ICF.

Not just another counseling service:

We are a life coaching service that not only provides you with talking therapy on counseling on how to take the leap but instead also provides you with local as well as international venture plans that every client can choose from according to their preferences. The same features cannot be found in most other life coaching services.


Most people fear that choosing an adventurous life for themselves is a selfish option and is a compromise towards their family but we are a living example that you can opt for an adventurous life while also maintaining a happy family. We are a family of six with four beautiful children, two of whom are adopted. We go on these ventures together and live our lives to the fullest, never a dull day in our household.

Exposure and Experience:

We have the exposure and experience needed to be the prime Life coaching therapist in Oregon City. We have traveled the world and we continue to explore. Our research for the books we have written is ample and has given us more knowledge about being a life coach and how to excel at what we do. We also have vast experience in life coaching and the beautiful testimonials of the several clients we have served are a representation of that.

Contact Us:

If you have a desire to bring adventure into your life, give us a chance to be your guides and help you take the leap. We promise not to disappoint. Reach out to us at 503-974-4933