The Abundant Hike

Growth from adventures does not always come in the moment, but through times of thoughtful reflection. Learn and apply the art of practicing awareness and reflection, either on your own or bring someone to reflect and grow with you, to take steps towards being more of an adventurer in your own life.

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Sep 11, 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM PDT
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About The Event

Life is busy, busy, busy and then when we do have time, we often don't take the time or don't quite know how to evaluate the adventures and challenges of life!  Take this opportunity with life-coaches, Brian and Maryann, to learn more about effective reflection as steps of growth from Coordinate #7, Reflect to Grow, based on the content from their book, Your Adventurous Life Awaits

On The Abundant Hike you will spend up to 3 hours hiking and reflecting and/or discussing strategic questions. These questions are designed to help you process your personal adventures, recognize growth and development, and prepare your mindset for more gains and success in the future. It's amazing what great thoughts and conversations take place on a hike when all of the distractions are removed. Before and after the hike, you will participate in workshops that will provide you with the information to help you do more purposeful reflection on your own. 

We recommend that you bring someone along for this day of guided reflection and growth, but it can also be effective on your own, if you prefer.

Please note that lunch will be provided. 

  • The Abundant Hike

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