Partnering with a coach will help you focus on what's important in your life

 EXPLORE your values, strengths, habits, and beliefs

DISCOVER insights that help you to thrive

    FORM new habits as you accomplish goals

     LIVE with more purpose and adventure

Be empowered to journey from

    Doubt to COURAGE      Obligation to MOTIVATION     Mundane to ADVENTURE

Not sure if coaching is for you? 

Are you tired of having the same conversation with yourself....and now you're ready to move forward? 


Begin by exploring what energizes you with the free Core Values Index assessment. 

Are you stressed about choosing a college major or changing careers?

Be coached through the researched-based assessment that's helped more than 300,000 people find their perfect career fit.

Career Direct Assessment & Consultation

     Gain clarity on your career or major with

  • Career Direct assessment

  • a career consultation           

     for only half the cost of one college credit.


HS to College Success Package 

Reduce family stress when choosing a college by adding the following to a Career Direct Assessment & Consultation 

  • coaching sessions throughout the year 

  • college planning e-course                 

  • Core Values Index assessment   


Whatever your mountaintop...

we can coach you to get there. 


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