Career Consulting

Find a college major or career path that matches your design.


Change careers based on your experience, values, strengths and personality.

If you answer YES to any of these questions, Career Direct can help:


  • In high school...can't decide on a college or major that fits who you are? 

  • In college...aren't convinced your chosen major is for you? 

  • In a job or career...not thriving or able to live the adventure you wanted? 

  • In retirement...looking for purpose in each day? 

  • In life...not sure how your God-given design can be used in your day-to-day? 


    Interested, but need more info? 

A consultation can save you both money and time! 


Interested? A consultation is $299, about half the cost of one college credit.

Adventurous Life is an LLC based in Oregon City, OR.  We would love to hear from you whether you're interested in an adventure or have something to share from your life journey. 

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