Upcoming Retreats

  • The Amazing Challenge
    Understand your zones and where you will have your greatest impact, along with the opportunity to push yourself just outside your zone of comfort, towards growth, in an unforgettable day!
  • The Rapid Options
    Enjoy the thrill of whitewater rafting as you are empowered to explore new possibilities, which will apply not only on the river, but to living your life in alignment with your purpose and design.
  • The First Step
    Making a commitment towards a new adventure is key! Practice facing your fears on a high ropes course and apply this concept of courage to overcoming obstacles in other areas of life.
  • The Survivalist
    This venture is designed to help you develop an adventurous mindset learning and applying survival skills, alongside information from Brian and Maryann, to help you be more prepared for whatever comes your way!
  • The Unavoidable Moments
    In order to live adventurously, learning how to deal with uncomfortable and awkward situations is a must! Discover the sweet results of learning and applying our recipe for embracing those moments during an adventure and in life.
  • The Persistent Escape
    During this interactive adventure of escape, you will grow your mindset for perseverance by reflecting on your why, rerouting your thinking, and equip yourself to be perseverant towards accomplishments.
  • The Abundant Hike
    Growth from adventures does not always come in the moment, but through times of thoughtful reflection. Learn and apply the art of practicing awareness and reflection, either on your own or bring someone to reflect and grow with you, to take steps towards being more of an adventurer in your own life.
  • 7 Coordinates Venture Series
    Make 2021 your year of adventure by signing up for the Venture Series. From March through September attend seven different experiential workshops that will inspire you to live out your purpose with more courage.
  • Career Direct Assessment
    Career Direct highlights your strengths while guiding the career decision-making process, whether looking towards college, considering a career change, or exploring options in retirement.
  • Core Values Index Package
    Only found through Adventurous Life, this package includes your Core Values Index™ (CVI™) Assessment (about fifteen minutes to complete), your individualized full-report, and a video series created by Brian and Maryann, trained CVI consultants.
  • Exclusive Access 6-Week Coaching Package
    This package is designed to fully support you as you dive into the ideas, goals, and challenges that you want to tackle to achieve and find your personal version of success.
  • Your Adventurous Life Awaits (YALA) 8-week Coaching Package
    If you are tired of living your life with doubt, obligation, or being stuck in the mundane, we are ready to help you discover what an adventurous life looks like to you.

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