Adventurous Life retreats are designed with the intention of leading you into "new territory". Your facilitators, Brian and Maryann, will guide you through strategic and experiential learning activities that will challenge and support you towards clarity and growth. Depending on the goal of the activity, you will work as an individual, with a partner, or sometimes as a whole group.  To learn more about the specific retreats, click below. 


Treat your spouse to an adventurous weekend away that will be fun, challenging, and unforgettable.  Spend 2 nights and 2 days in a gorgeous home at the breathtaking Oregon Coast focusing on your marriage. You will be pampered, including a cook to prepare all your meals, while being challenged with fun and reflective experiences.  You will "retreat" with up to 6 other couples, however, the majority of the activities will be done with just you and your spouse. The goal of the retreat is to grow to deeper levels of intimacy and joy in your marriage. As a couple, you will engage with Adventurous Life coaches that will help you to be more intentional in creating clarity and growth throughout this experience. The price is per couple and all-inclusive; activities, lodging, prepared meals, and coaching sessions.


Designed | Up to 7 married couples  

Main physical activity | 5-mile hike

Marriage topics | Self & spouse awareness | Identifying & meeting needs | Communication | Goals

Booking process | Register | Complete intake form | Schedule pre-retreat phone call


Considering the marriage venture?  See what others said about their experience.


The Adventurous Life marriage retreat was truly the best retreat I’ve ever been on! It kept me engaged and the activities and discussions really opened my eyes to how I can love my spouse in a better way. I left with a deeper understanding of what I can do to communicate more effectively and what my own needs are in our relationship. This retreat filled and refreshed my heart and our marriage!

- Emily

A surprisingly intimate and enjoyable weekend where our marriage received the focused attention it deserved.

- Chris

  • 2-nights of rustic, yet pampered, camping

  • 5 meals plus snacks

  • Experiential learning with fun and challenging activities

  • Coaching sessions helping you achieve parenting goals

  • White-water rafting in partnership with Youth Dynamics rafting services



Take a two-day break away from the chaos of activities, music concerts, practices, and games. Focus on how you want to raise your kids without them there to distract you. You will have a blast and then take strategic breaks throughout the activities to reflect on your parenting style, vision for your children and to develop a plan of action. You will be "retreating" with up to 9 other couples or single parents and will have opportunities to build community as we all work to grow in this challenging and wonderful adventure called parenting. If you are a single parent, we encourage you to bring a friend or family member along with you to discuss and reflect with (unmarried couples will be given separate tents). If you do not have kids yet, this is an excellent time to start thinking through how you want to raise your kids someday! You will also engage in coaching conversations with an Adventurous Life coach that will help you to be intentional about planning and reflecting on your parenting.  The price is per couple and all-inclusive; activities, lodging, prepared meals, and coaching sessions.


Designed Up to 10 married couples  or  single parent plus support

Main physical activity White-water rafting with YD Adventures trained guide service

Parenting topics | Vision for Children | Communication | Managing Emotions | Discipline | Goals

Booking Process | Register | Complete intake form | Schedule pre-retreat phone call



(coming in 2020)

Have you been sensing that there is more to life than you are experiencing?  Do you believe that you are created for a purpose that you have not yet fulfilled?  


Maybe you have a clear sense of what your purpose is and there's something that burns inside of you that says, "I was created to do this."  However, something has held you back from taking a step of faith.  Maybe it's fear or life circumstances or not having the clarity of how to start moving in that direction. Maybe you haven't been able to determine what your passion and strengths are yet to have that clear life purpose.  We would love to guide you through this process of discovering and living out your purpose to positively impact those around you.  It might not be easy, but the joy of a life lived with purpose is worth the challenge!


Designed | Individuals or married couples  

Main physical activity | TBD

Purpose topics | Your design | Your personality and strengths | Purpose in action | Barriers

Booking Process | Register | Take personality and strength assessments | Pre-retreat phone call

  • 2-night stay

  • 5 meals plus snacks

  • Experiential learning using fun and challenging activities

  • Coaching sessions helping you determine your purpose

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