We Empower You to

Take an Idea That You're Passionate About

to Make the Contribution You Desire

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Do you need help turning your idea into a reality?  

  • Lacking clarity for how to move forward? 

  • Have an unfulfilled passion or life goal?​

  • Not making the contribution you desire?​


  •  Letting fear hold you back from taking a risk?​​​

Take the Core Values Index assessment to see how your design influences your decisions.

With our experience and training, we can coach you to live out your purpose with more intention.

Our journey together includes taking some drastic measures to remain on purpose:

 living abroad for 18 years, 4 kids, international adoption, diverse work roles, varied income, and traveling to 40 countries.  These experiences taught us how to overcome fear and to persevere during many new and uncomfortable situations. 

How can we help you? 

We know how it feels to begin the year or a new season of life, and tell ourselves how different this time is going to be...

thinking that determination will be enough to make a difference.  We wish it was! 

How could 2020 look if you







gained clarity on your purpose







created a successful plan







were empowered to live out your adventure

Take the free Core Values Index assessment to begin. 

Begin your journey today! 

Don't let another day slip by...


Reduce the shoulds.

Face your fears.

Make a difference.


How can we help you live out your purpose?


Clarify your purpose and design with the support of a coach and then passionately live out your adventure.


Experience how to adventurously live out your purpose by participating in one of our signature events.


Be inspired by the "Coordinates of Adventurous Living" so that you & your group can step out in purpose.

"Brian's encouragement to explore and try new things not only challenged me personally but professionally.

His support gave me the needed boost to think outside of the box and to challenge the status quo."  

-JJ Davis

The Adventurous Life retreat was truly the best retreat I’ve ever been on! It kept me engaged and the activities and discussions really opened my eyes. I left with a deeper understanding of what I can do to communicate more effectively and what my own needs are in our relationship. 

- Emily

Maryann is a gifted speaker.

She's engaging, relatable, and passionate.

She makes you feel like you are a part of her story.

- Jim Kosmack

Grow your Passion

Live your Purpose

Go on Adventures

Achieve Peak Experiences

Adventurous Life is an LLC based in Oregon City, OR. 

Connect with us.  We love hearing adventure stories!  


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